About Us

Who are we?

Based in Ottawa, Canada, we offer stylish clothes for your little fashionistas through our online store. Our products are picked with your little ones in mind. We are always searching products with premium quality and amazing style.

What is Mozayn?

We wanted the company name to reflect our cultures, French, Tunisian and Canadian, as well as our company's mission in one easy word, and we created Mozayn.

Mozayn is a combination of two words : "Mode" which means Fashion in French and "Zayn" which means Beauty in Tunisian. This combination is the perfect representation of our products and the spirit at Mozayn. It is important for us that your children feel happy and proud to wear our products everyday and in special occasions.

Kids are the future, and we are proud to offer a wide range of styles that can be worn by kids with different styles.

Why Children Clothing?

We think that your little ones are still exploring and discovering their personality and their fashion flair, and at Mozayn they can pick and try clothes in so many different styles. 

PS: All our products are pre-approved by our very young experts: my nieces and nephew :)

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